Infidelity: a scene for actor and city

Kira walks into the apartment, puts down her bag, pulls out another suitcase, and begins to shift clothing around. Toronto walks in, arms folded.

TORONTO: Hello, Kira.

KIRA: Oh, hi Toronto. I missed you.

Kira gives Toronto a hug. Toronto does not hug back.

TORONTO: You were gone a long time.

KIRA: Work. You know how it is.

TORONTO: Yup. All that time up there in… (a shudder) Bala.

KIRA: (resuming what she was doing) Hey now, Bala is perfectly lovely. But it’s not you.

TORONTO: I see you’re packing again.

KIRA: Yup.

TORONTO: Where is it this time?

KIRA: Come on, Toronto–

TORONTO: I have a right to know!

KIRA: … Calgary. Well, Strathmore and Chestermere by way of Calgary.

TORONTO: Wow, didn’t peg you as the threesome type.

KIRA: Don’t be unkind. And also, it’s for a family wedding, so grow up.

TORONTO: Want to throw anywhere else in there while you’re at it? Maybe Banff?

KIRA: Now that you mention it, yeah, I was thinking of hitting Banff briefly.

TORONTO: Unbelievable.

KIRA: It’s only a little while.

TORONTO: Yeah, that’s what you said about Montreal. Your French whore.

KIRA: Whoa, don’t talk about Montreal like that.

TORONTO: Admit it, you love that city.

KIRA: Toronto, it’s… complicated. But it doesn’t matter, because I’m with you. That’s where I want to be. I just… have some other adventures to go on.

TORONTO: You came back from Montreal smelling of apricot ale and smoked meat and ambition, and a week later you were gone again. And after this, I only get you for a little while before whoosh, you’re off to New York!

KIRA: I understand it’s hard. Life has me moving around a lot right now, but I’ll always come home.

TORONTO: What makes you so sure I’ll be here when you get back?

KIRA: Well, you are a city, so unless you get bombed or fall into a sinkhole while I’m gone, I’m pretty sure I’ll find you right where I left you.

TORONTO: Fine then. Go. See if I care.

KIRA: See you next week?

TORONTO: … Yes, I suppose so.

KIRA: I love you, Toronto.

TORONTO: Whatever.

Kira exits with her bag. Toronto looks around the room, kicks the ground, sighs.

TORONTO: But I’m world-class…



3 thoughts on “Infidelity: a scene for actor and city

      • I’m not sure how Toronto could get over such a thing. Perhaps you underestimate your power over cities… also thank you for being an interesting expressive human. I enjoy the new font on your header. Sadly I am only an amateur casting director and cannot offer you a job based on your numerous talents and now fancy website.

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