About Kira

Photo credit: Ryan Couldrey.

Photo credit: Ryan Couldrey.

Kira Hall was born and raised in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Her theatrical career began at age seven, where she came up to her mother with an ad for the local community production of Carousel and told her, “We need to go to this.” From there she was hooked, involved with every performance opportunity she could grab in her small northern city.

After briefly attending the University of Victoria’s music program, Kira remembered she was supposed to be acting and began studies at the Canadian College of Performing Arts, also in Victoria. She graduated with her Enriched Certificate in the Performing Arts with Honours, and moved out to Toronto in 2011. Since then, she has been casting her nets wide in the Canadian performance community, covering the range from musical theatre leading lady to award-winning playwright to cabaret performer to puppeteer of a variety of styles. She’s stepped into the world of film and television as well, most recently providing puppetry for CBC Kids, TVOKids, and the Australia-based Flying Bark Productions, and writing and starring in the comedy short Farm is a Four-Letter Word. Always ready to try something new and different, Kira’s performance interests lead toward the multidisciplinary and challenging.

Kira’s other interests include fatalist cross stitch, baking, tide pools, bicycles, and popcorn covered with melted cheese.


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