Recent Voiceover Work

I’ve recently contributed my voice to campaigns for Tim Hortons, Shoppers Drug Mart, and the Bay.

The Three Georges: A Musical Tale of Fire and Ice

the three georges

Borderless Art Movement, Yellowknife, NT
NACC, February 2018
I wrote the narration for this very cool orchestral performance in conjunction with Jo Pamplin, Jeremy Findlay, and the Borderless Art Movement. A fun retelling of the family feud behind Handel’s Water Music and Music for the Royal Fireworks, featuring puppets by the Kestrel Puppet Players and live painting!

Snow White: A Pantomime

parcel of rogues

A Parcel of Rogues, Yellowknife, NT
Northern Arts and Cultural Centre, Nov 2017
I wrote another pantomime for the good people of Yellowknife! This time the fairy tale being lovingly lampooned in this all-ages show was Snow White.

Cinderella: a pantomime


BDK and Parcel of Rogues, Yellowknife, NT
NACC, November 2016
A comical, fourth-wall-smashing, all-ages take on the story of Cinderella. I put together the script for this extremely silly play, and created a Naughty Night version with input from the talented and hilarious cast. 899 audience members over three days laughed and danced their hearts out!

“The buzz in the lobby after the show was livelier than I’ve ever experienced it. People were delighted, I think, by something unexpectedly delightful.” – Audience Member

 Old Man and The River

By Naz Afsahi

Theatre Direct
Wychwood Theatre, Toronto, ON
Burlington Performing Arts Centre, Burlington, ON
Axis Theatre Company, Vancouver, BC
The Banff Centre, Banff, AB
Vertigo Theatre, Calgary, AB
Solar Stage, Toronto, ON
A charming tabletop puppet show for children 3-6 about a grumpy old man who lives every day the same way until a magical creature appears and shakes things up! I was so pleased to return to this beautiful show for two runs in 2016, including a tour to the western parts of the country with castmates Mike Petersen, Ingrid Hansen, and Andrew G. Young.

Does Not Play Well With Others

DNPWWO-Green-publicity web
Festival St-Ambroise Fringe de Montréal, Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival, Vancouver Fringe Festival, Sault Ste. Marie
Adam Francis Proulx and I collaborated as writers and performers on this new darkly comedic play about two children’s public television puppeteers dealing with pressure and each other after their coworker causes a scandal. This play appeared at the 2016 Festival St-Ambroise Fringe de Montréal, Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival, and the Vancouver Fringe Festival, and in Sault Ste. Marie in early 2017.
Select praise:
“Does Not Play Well With Others is expertly written and performed, giving a true face to every day Canadian artists… a refreshingly complex and entertaining show.” – Showbill Victoria
“Timely and topical, Does Not Play Well With Others combines sharp satire, insightful drama and abundant puppet skills in a well-written and tightly performed piece that examines the pressures inherent in the life of creative individuals.” – Janis LaCouvée
“There is so much to unpack in this show without even mentioning the fine dialogue and the subtleties of acting about acting. ” – Montreal Rampage

Simply Shakespeare

A Parcel of Rogues, Ptarmigan Studio, Yellowknife, August 19-20
A showcase of Shakespearean scenes and soliloquys by some talented Yellowknife performers. I provided the narrator’s script, and a vocal arrangement of Steeleye Span’s “Parcel of Rogues”.

Moving Spaces


Yellowknife Dance Collective, Old Town, Yellowknife, July 2016
I contributed little wee scripted vignettes for Catch and Release, a site-specific dance piece based around the idea of fishing and relationships. Moving Spaces, a travelling dance performance, took part in Yellowknife’s beloved Old Town Ramble & Ride.


Ptarmigan Ptheatrics, Yellowknife, NT
NACC, April 28-May 7, 2016
I designed a portion of the choreography for this stellar community theatre group’s production of Spamalot.

The Friend Ship

Suitcase Theatre, Toronto, ON, ongoing
Occasional performances of The Friend Ship with this great in-school theatre company. I alternate between cheerful first mate Froo and the puppets Morris the Monkey and Chippy the Squirrel.

Pucking Fuppets: A Very Adult Puppet Cabaret

Statler’s, March 2016
Our fundraiser for Does Not Play Well With Others was a sell-out evening of terrific sexy, silly, crude and fun puppet performances featuring some of Toronto’s best puppeteers, such as Nina Keogh, Mike Petersen, and Ingrid Hansen.

The Worst Fundraiser in the World 2

safeword theatre, The Steady Cafe, January 2016
I played terrible white-girl ukulele covers of Blow by Beyoncé and Hotline Bling by Drake (#the6) at this absolutely atrocious fundraiser for safeword’s new show Contempt.

Feminist Debaters: a Fundraiser

SoCo Theatre, Victory Cafe, January 2016
I debated the best sources of feminine pleasure with Adam Francis Proulx using his fantastic Baker’s Dozen puppets, in support of SoCo Theatre’s upcoming show Well Born.


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