Cinderella: a pantomime


~90 minutes, workshopped by Parcel of Rogues

A comical, fourth-wall-smashing, all-ages take on the story of Cinderella. Lovingly styled after traditional pantomimes, with modern fun and flair, this play has both an all-ages version and a naughty version.

“The buzz in the lobby after the show was livelier than I’ve ever experienced it. People were delighted, I think, by something unexpectedly delightful.” – Audience Member
“Wow, we LOVED the show on Saturday!  Dave came in saying he would likely have a nap, and then he laughed out loud all the way through. He was yelling all the participation parts, too. It was an engaging, irresistible, and very naughty show!” – Audience Member

Premiered in Yellowknife, NT in November 2016

Does Not Play Well With Others (2016)

Image by Ryan Couldrey

Co-written by Kira Hall and Adam Francis Proulx
~1 hour, dramaturged by Andrew G Young

After their coworker brings a scandal down on the network, two children’s public television puppeteers go head to head as they deal with increased pressure from their employers and each other’s idiosyncracies. Featuring live puppetry and video components, This dramedy takes a sharp, dark, satirical look at the perils of semi-fame and mental health in the field of performance.

“A refreshingly complex and entertaining show.” – Showbill Victoria
“Timely and topical, Does Not Play Well With Others combines sharp satire, insightful drama and abundant puppet skills in a well-written and tightly performed piece that examines the pressures inherent in the life of creative individuals.” – Janis LaCouvée
“There is so much to unpack in this show without even mentioning the fine dialogue and the subtleties of acting about acting. ” – Montreal Rampage

Performed at the Montreal Fringe, Victoria Fringe, and Vancouver Fringe in 2016.

Paleoncology (2014)

~55 minutes, dramaturged by Andrew G Young

A smart, heartbreaking, darkly funny solo show that tells the story of a young woman, Lea, whose brother Daniel is dying of cancer. To deal with her feelings about the impending loss– or rather, to avoid dealing with them– Lea turns to her childhood passion: dinosaurs.
A story about siblings and personal potential, told with the aid of puppets, overhead projections, and dinosaur metaphors.
Awards: Best Solo Theatre Production (Montreal Fringe 2014), Favourite Drama (Victoria Fringe 2014), Talk of the Fringe (Vancouver Fringe 2014)
Nominations: Best English Theatre Production (Montreal Fringe 2014), Favourite Female Performer, Favourite Solo Show, Best New Play (Victoria Fringe 2014)

…intelligence, humour, and pathos…” “ Hall tells a painful story of sibling love and loss in a beautifully woven tapestry.” – CultMTL
“Four and a half stars… bittersweet and satirical (think JD Salinger…)” – Times Colonist
“…Hall sets up an impressively subtle set of relationships.” – The Georgia Straight

Workshopped December 2013
One of CBC Canada Write’s Ten Must-See Canadian Fringe Shows of 2014
Performed at the Montreal Fringe, Calgary Fringe, Ptarmigan Studio in Yellowknife, Victoria Fringe, and Vancouver Fringe in 2014
Performed at SpringWorks Indie Theatre and Arts Festival in Stratford, Maple Hall in Port Elgin, London Fringe, Actors’ Colony Theatre in Bala, and the One More Night Festival in Toronto in 2015

The Vegetable Ship (2013)

Art by Terry Pamplin

Art by Terry Pamplin

~60 min, written in collaboration with The Kestrel Puppet Players

Join Captain High n’ Fibre and his crew of powerful produce on the Pearl Onion as they take on the greatest scourge Great Slave Lake has ever seen: the killer pike, Esox Lucius! This unique puppet show can’t be beet!

Performed at NACC, January 2014

Species Deviants, Repent! (2011)

20 min, dramaturged by Christopher Weddell and Brian Richmond

Set in the semi-distant future. Jerry can’t stand living in the Cities any more, and he believes he has found the way out. Unfortunately, his wife doesn’t agree, and shows up at the Species Modification Centre to confront him.

Read as part of Script Tease 2011, CCPA, Victoria, BC
Performed at Theatre on the Lake 2011, Yellowknife, NT


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