Moon Dinosaur Theatre presents


Written and performed by Kira Hall

Directed by Andrew G Young

Mediocrity is easy.
Watching your brother die is hard.
Dinosaurs? Dinosaurs are… distracting.

Paleoncology is a smart, heartbreaking, darkly funny solo show about a young woman, Lea, who has turned to her childhood passion for dinosaurs to deal with her feelings about an impending loss– or rather, to avoid dealing with them. With the help of stuffed dinosaur puppets and educational overhead projections, Lea tries to frame her struggles with a disconnected family, stunted personal potential, and the challenges of living when your brother is dying.

 Paleoncology will resonate strongly with those who have been touched by cancer, those with siblings, and those who aren’t quite sure what they’re doing with their life. Audiences run the full range of their emotions, from laughter to tears to introspection. It has been performed 47 times in 10 towns across Canada.

Paleoncology is dedicated to Braz King.

Featuring the voices of Matthew Gouveia and Sarah Grange
Stage management and sound design by Kristina Abbondanza
Dialogue recording and production photography by Ryan Couldrey

FAVOURITE DRAMA (Victoria Fringe 2014)
TALK OF THE FRINGE AWARD (Vancouver Fringe 2014)
NOMINATIONS: Best English Theatre Production (Montreal Fringe 2014), Favourite Female Performer, Favourite Solo Show, Best New Play (Victoria Fringe 2014)

“…Her finale left me teary-eyed.
– Pat Donnelly, Montreal Gazette, Highlights from the Fringe Festival’s First Weekend

Given some smart direction from Andrew Young… PALEONCOLOGY makes its cutesy take on a serious problem work wonders. Kira Hall is a strong performer and absolutely scary smart, and has full command over her considerable script at every moment, big paleontological tongue-twister words and all… A show with plenty of heart, tons of smarts, and talent to spare.
– Kevin Reid, The Visitorium

…intelligence, humour, and pathos…  Hall tells a painful story of sibling love and loss in a beautifully woven tapestry. Well-written and well-acted, it’s well worth seeing.

“Don’t take too long to figure out that this is a show to see.”
Charlebois Post

“Hall is talented and puts on a performance that is poignant, without feeling like it is pulling at your heartstrings for the sake of it. Paleoncology is a must see piece.”
Jenna Shummoogum

“First-rate… Don’t miss this one.”
Calgary Sun

“Four and a half stars” “…deep, poignant and heartbreaking but sweet and funny at the same time…”
Calgary Is Awesome

“Four and a half stars… bittersweet and satirical (think JD Salinger…)”
Times Colonist

“…Hall sets up an impressively subtle set of relationships.”
The Georgia Straight

“Suspenseful, heart breaking, hopeful and confused, Hall gives life to the character Lee, with an acting skill and writing genius that is intense and believable.”
– Muskoka News Watch

One of CBC Canada Writes’ Ten Must-See Canadian Fringe Shows of 2014


Photo by Ryan Couldrey.

Previous Performances

St. Ambroise Montréal Fringe Festival: June 12-22, 2014

MAI (Montréal Arts Interculturelle), Montreal, QC

Calgary Fringe Festival: August 1-9, 2014

Artpoint Gallery, Calgary, AB

Yellowknife: August 14-16, 2014

Ptarmigan Studio, Yellowknife, NT

Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival: August 21-31, 2014

V2 – Downtown Activity Centre, Victoria, BC

Vancouver Fringe Festival: September 4-14, 2014

The Cultch – Historic Theatre, Vancouver, BC

SOlOS Festival: November 7, 2014

Mainline Theatre, Montreal, QC

SpringWorks Indie Theatre and Arts Festival: May 15 & 16, 2015

Falstaff Family Centre, Stratford, ON

Maple Hall in Port Elgin: May 29, 2015

Maple Hall, Port Elgin, ON

London Fringe Festival: June 2-13, 2015

Spriet Family Theatre, London, ON

Actor’s Colony Theatre: July 28-August 8, 2015

Bala United Church, Bala, ON

Paleoncology in The One More Night Festival September 12, 2015

The Box Toronto, Toronto, ON


This show couldn’t happen without help of our many sponsors. We are so grateful to you for supporting new artists’ voices; thank you, thank you, thank you.

Our fundraising campaign with Fund What You Can raised over $2000 for the 2014 summer tour!

BDK Services
Coffee Break News Yellowknife
Henry Faber and Bento Miso
Hilya Hall
Tom and Ann Hall
Sean O’Connell
The Sasquatch

Moira Borschneck
Laurinda Gorgulho
Mike Petersen
Gord, Carrie, and Kevin Young

Bobby Arthur
Jennifer Burry
Sean Daly
Eugene Fong Dere
Thor Kell
Benjamin Rivers

Brian Collins
Alex Dault
Ingrid Hansen
Pam Johnson
Jaysen Knight
Sketchy the Clown
Deanna Underwood
The United Federation of Planets
Muriel Young

Hillary and Marc

Alexander Showcase Theatre
Banjo Puppets
Ryan Couldrey 
Jimmy’s Coffee
Lynn Elkin
Christina Gordon
Rebecca Grove-Foster
Matthew Pazzol
Benjamin Rivers

Special Thanks

Artichoke Heart Collective, Bobby Arthur, Rebecca Belton, Black Swan Comedy, Ren Brockhouse, Ryan Couldrey, Sophie Croteau, Tony Culverwell, Lynn Elkin, Henry Faber and the Bento Miso gang, Pooria Fard, Susan Freedman, Daniel Girard, Kathleen Greenfield, Tom Hall, Martin Hallat, Thor Kell, Nancy Kenny, Vicki Laufer, Al LaFrance, Lemon Tree Studios, Mind of a Snail, Shayne Monaghan, Chris Murray, Dave McKay, Monday Night of New Works, My Living Room, Emily Nadeau, Jeff Orchard, Adam Francis Proulx, Marlene and David Sculati, SONUS, Allan Turner, Judy and Allan Tye, Michelle Urbano, Esther Vallins, Videofag, Jo-Anne Wurster, Chloe Ziner, the Young family, festival staff and volunteers, our workshop audiences, and everyone who supports this show.

Photo by Ryan Couldrey.


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